Web Developer

New York Times Search

Search and save articles from the New York Times. MERN stack deployed on Heroku.

Batman Memory

Memory game built with React and deployed on Github Pages.

NPR News Scraper

Scrapes content and places it in a Mongo DB backend. Comments are associated with each individual article. Deployed on Heroku.

Eat-da-Burger 2! The Burgering

Refactored code from "Eat-da-Burger!" using Sequelize to handle Object-relational mapping. Full stack application deployed on Heroku.

LEMP Stack Wordpress Cat Website

Linux-NGINX-MySQL-PHP Stack deployed on a virtual private server with Wordpress CMS. SSL credentials managed with Let's Encrypt.

Friend Finder

Express server deployed on Heroku, application has no backend but utilizes Gets and Posts to run a friend survey.

Bamazon Marketplace

Node.js application which interacts with a MySQL docker container to manage inventory via command line.

Command Line Hangman

Node.js application which uses constructors to play Hangman on the command line.


Node.js application which can search tweets, query Spotify, or get movie info on the command line.



CampNow helps spontaneous campers make up their mind. It uses three APIs: The National Park Services, Open Weather Map, and Google Maps to help get a tent pitched as quick as possible.

Firebase Rock, Paper, Scissors

Full stack application deployed with a Firebase backend. Play rock, paper, scissors and chat in real time.


Utilizing Giftastic's API and ajax calls, create a button and pull in 10 gifs featuring that word or phrase.

Game of Thrones Trivia

Trivia game deployed on Github pages. Uses javascript's setInterval and Jquery.

Star Wars Brawl

Jquery battle game featuring Star Wars characters.

Star Trek Hangman

Javascript hangman game with a Star Trek theme.

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